Not sure where to start with your marketing strategy? Is your content missing the mark?

I can help.

I’m Kat Hounsell, digital marketing consultant and the face behind Small goes Big. I’m a firm believer in ‘people buy from people’. Yes, even in the wonderful world of B2B.

If you have amazing products and services but need some help getting others to be as passionate about them as you are, I’m here to help.

I inject the human element into your marketing strategy and engage your customers in conversations that build valuable relationships.

And, get you those all-important customers.

Why tech-led businesses?

I’m a self-confessed non-techie fan of shiny tech. I’m a cheerleader for things that make life easier, get things done quicker or automate dull admin processes. My goal is to help your target audience to love, or at least appreciate, what you do.

I’m also keen to put my background and 15 years experience at tech-lead businesses to good use by championing strong branding, strategy and marketing.

Digital marketing can help you connect with the people who are looking for your solution, plus it’s cost-effective, and who doesn’t love that?

Dedicated senior resource

I get the challenges smaller organisations face. I’ve run sales & marketing teams as well as headed up marketing at a SaaS business as the sole marketing resource. 

I’ll use my experience to deliver the right digital marketing solutions tailored to you – you won’t get palmed off to a junior.

The right marketing strategy, with a pinch of creativity, will allow you to punch above your weight. I’ll help you to find and amplify your voice with helpful (and hopefully entertaining) content, which will showcase your expertise, and have potential clients coming to you.

If this sounds like what you need, let’s chat!

Let's talk

If you think I can help, I’d love to chat. Just fill in the form or email me, whatever you prefer. 



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