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Power Hour

(well...two actually)

What is a power two hours?

Are you feeling stuck with your marketing? Are you confused and overwhelmed by all the marketing options available? 

An external perspective and a fresh set of eyes could be just what you need. In the power two hours you can borrow my brain to tackle your marketing and customer experience challenges.

And because, a traditional (one) power hour doesn’t always feel like enough time, I have a bumper extended version to ensure you leave with a clear path forward and feel inspired and confident on the next steps.

How it works

  • Book your slot using the calendar below
  • You’ll be sent confirmation along with a few questions to answer – this helps me to prepare and maximise the time we have together
  • During the two-hour session we’ll dive into your marketing challenges so you leave with a clear plan
  • You’ll receive a summary of the session with the key action points
  • You can email me with any follow-up questions for a week after your session
  • The two-hour session is £300 which is invoiced and requires payment in advance of the video call (let me know if you’re Hampshire based as we may be able to arrange an in-person session)

What others say

"My session with Kat clearly defined my target audience and highlighted how I can combine my knowledge of their pain points with how I uniquely support them. Receiving recommendations that I could act on straight away was a real plus point, and I also gained inspiration for the long term. I feel better equipped to tackle my marketing and confident in my approach. The session was packed with strategic insights and quick wins and is ideal for anyone seeking clarity on their marketing."

Tim Rentowl

ADC Innovations | Small Business Mentor & Strategist
Book your two hour slot
Not quite ready to book a slot?

I get it. There are lots of options when it comes to investing in your business and you want to make sure you make the right choice.

If you have any questions or simply want to check I’m your kind of person, book a free discovery call.

I don’t give advice on these calls but you can find out more about me and I can answer any questions you may have about the process and my other services.

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