Marketing strategy

Working with you to create the right customer-focused marketing strategy to hit your business objectives. 

A range of packages and workshops are available to suit the level of support you are after and where you are with your marketing currently.


If you’re just starting out with your marketing strategy, or need to go back to the drawing board, this package is designed for you.


The ideal package if you want to review your existing strategy and bring it in line with your growing business and the changing environment you’re operating in.


If you’ve nailed your personas, messaging and brand, and now you’re ready to take your marketing to the next level, the Boost package is for you.

Strategy starter

If you’re not ready to jump in with a package, this is a cost-effective method to get you on the right path to fast-track the creation of your marketing strategy.


If you’re just starting out with your strategy or need support in a specific area, these workshops are designed for you. 

You’ll leave with a clear idea on how to progress and a solid foundation for your ongoing strategy.

Book me all to yourself with a session tailored to you and your business, or join a group session where you’ll get to connect and share ideas with others.

Workshop session with post-it note brainstorming


Great strategies start with knowing your target market inside out. This 1/2 day workshop will facilitate the creation of your personas and guide you through how to use them effectively in your business. 

Customer journey mapping

By putting your customers first and creating amazing experiences you can drive revenue, loyalty and growth. At the end of this 1/2 day workshop, you’ll have actionable journey maps, that’ll benefit your customers and you.




Content strategy & creation

Content marketing can provide you with huge benefits. With the right content and strategy, you can gain more traffic to your site, provide value to your potential customers, build trust and get those all-important sales. 

But, it can feel like a chore. Coming up with topics, researching and writing can be time-consuming and even if you’re an accomplished writer, let’s be honest, you probably don’t have the time to dedicate to content creation.

Never fear! I can help you develop a content strategy, plan out your content and create the content for you.


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Content strategy

Make sure you’re maximising your content efforts with a clear strategy. Through a series of sessions, you’ll gain a content strategy designed with your business goals and your customers in mind.

Content planning

You’ll receive a content calendar with ideas mapped out so you can successfully deliver on your strategy.

Content creation

You’ll get expertly researched and crafted content, that is helpful to your audience, as well as being SEO friendly.

Content & copywriting




Case studies



Pitch decks




Web content